Movies That Dare to Raise the Topic of Depression

Depression occurs when your life is not what you want it to be, such as being left dead by the lover, being disappointed by the surroundings, the inability to do something, and other reasons. This condition makes a person who is depressed and his mood easily deteriorate, even if it is severe will refer to suicide.

For those of you who have been or are in a state of depression, these movies can make you a little relieved because you are not alone experiencing the same fate of life and motivate you to rise from adversity. Here are some movies that dare to raise the topic of depression. By watching it on 123 movies, you will be more grateful for the gift you have received.

To the Bone
To The Bone is a movie released in 2017. Ellen (Lily Collins) suffered from anorexia or an eating disorder that caused her to become obsessed with weight and whatever she was eating. In the midst of the problems at hand, Ellen was put in a house where people with similar histories were taken care of by the rather strange doctors she met. That’s when Ellen’s struggle against life was put to the test.

Aniplex animated movie released in 2010 presents a drama that is a quite different kind of depression. Tells the human spirit that failed to pass the reincarnation cycle because of the sin he had, he unexpectedly won the lottery to return to live on earth and recall the sin that was committed. Then he also replaced the life of a third-grade junior high school student named Makoto Kobayashi who committed suicide. He slowly realized that Makoto’s previous life was not very pleasant and the environment was very bad.

P.S. I love you
Movie ‘P.S. I Love You ‘is really suffocating, how not? The movie, released in 2007, tells the story of a beautiful and intelligent woman named Holly (Hillary Swank), approaching her 30th birthday, she is forced to become a widow because of the loss of her beloved husband. Holly slowly rose from her downfall after learning that her late husband had left several letters for her.

Manchester By The Sea
The 2016 movie, released about a man named Lee Chandler, played by Casey Affleck, works as a handyman in an apartment estate. Lee has a lonely and easily tempered temper. One time he got word from his hometown, Manchester, that his brother who had a heart disease died and he was forced to take over to take care of his nephew. Since then he was tested first when his nephew wanted to remain in Manchester and little by little Lee’s injuries in the city were revealed.