Recommended Zombie Comedy Films

Zombie-themed comedy films seem to have become one of the specific genres in the international film industry. Zombies are one of the frightening fictional creatures that have often been raised in a film. Starting from thriller action films like “Resident Evil”, to the Korean film, Train to Busan (2016).

Not a few filmmakers who are able to mix films with this genre into a quality comedy film. Here are some of the best zombie-themed comedy recommendations that we should watch.

Zombieland (2009)
Another comedy film with the theme of the 2000s zombie generation is “Zombieland”. If this one film has an American style of humor that is more frontal and fresh. Performed with a line-up of players who are easily loved and exciting adventure stories, we are curious about how the end of their story in Zombieland. Fortunately, if you can no longer hold your curiosity about this movie, you can watch it on

Little Monsters (2019)
“Little Monster” is the latest film from the zombie comedy genre. Starring Lupita Nyongo, the film tells the story of a teacher and a group of kindergarten students who are visiting a farm. Things begin to get messed up when there is a zombie attack. In order not to cause fear in kindergarten students, the teacher must “act” that they are playing a game.

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