The Witch: Horror with Sect-Themed

Hearing the word ‘sect’ will certainly make us assume about the heresy of religious groups that worship demons or demons. This rather grim and horrifying theme has been adapted into various horror films that will make us shudder. Horror films with the theme of sect stories are identical with scenes and facts that will make viewers feel uncomfortable; ranging from activities that display sadistic elements to deviant sexual behavior.

One of the films we will discuss is The Witch.

“The Witch” is a Robert Eggers film with the theme of a historical drama set in England in the 1630s. A family of five children left the village and built their own farm near a wilderness. Instead of a prosperous and free life, Thomasin and his family experienced numerous cursing curses that were increasingly worsening each other’s belief in God and family members. Thomasin as the first girl was accused of being a witch who carried a curse on the family.

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