Typical Jordan Peele Horror

More and more quality horror and thriller films have been produced in recent years. Not always about curious spirits and evil spirits that haunt a place, many directors are starting to see another potential in utilizing the horror-thriller genre.

Starting from films about heretical sects, unusual family “rituals”, to various other premise horror stories that we have never imagined before.

Success with “Get Out” in 2017, Jordan Peele released the latest horror thriller earlier this year entitled “Us”. Tells the story of evil cloning on an island that is ready to take over its twin life. Faster, wilder, and able to read the twin minds. This film proves that Jordan Peele has a horror with its own characteristics. By writing an original story and getting bolder, “Us” is supported by actress Lupita Nyong ‘O who shows the totality in acting.

You have to watch this movie yourself to be horrified and enjoy this film.

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